pH Plus  7.2-7.8                                    

100%    Sodium Carbonate                            Raise your pH Level 


pH Minus  7.2-7.8 (Our bodies have a natural pH of 7.6)                               

95%       Sodium Bisulfate                              Lower your pH level


Alkalinity Increase  (Raising your Alkalinity will also raise your pH slightly) 100-150 ^ppm                        

100%     Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate        Increase your Alkalinity


Calcium Hardness  175-350 ppm                      

100%     Calcium Chloride                             Increase your Calcium Hardness


Stabilizer 30-150 ppm                                          

100%      Cyanuric Acid                                  Helps to maintain your free and available chlorine                        


3″ Chlorine Tablets  2-4 ppm                     

99%       Trichloro-s-triazinetrione             Use as your daily sanitation (Does not apply to pools that use a salt system as the sanitation system)


^ppm = parts per million


Your Pool should always be shocked when opened at the beginning of the season.  If the pool is being used frequently, shocking once a week can help keep your chlorine levels steady and decrease the likelihood of developing algae.  After a lot of pool activity or very hot weather it can be beneficial to shock your pool to maintain chlorine reading and prevent Algae.  The sun causes the chlorine to dissipate.  Keeping your stabilizer (Cyanuric Acid) levels correct can help to decrease the amount of free chlorine being lost.

Quick Dissolve Shock                       99%        Sodium-Dichlor            Use if your Cyanuric Acid is low and your Calcium Hardness is High (will increase Cyanuric acid)

Quick Dissolve Shock                       68%        Cal-Hypo                        Use if you Cyanuric Acid is high and your Calcium Hardness is Low (will increase calcium hardness)



Clear up cloudy pool water while increasing your filter efficiency.  Use during your pool opening.


Poly-Algaecide 60 (60% Polyoxyethylene dichloride (dimethyliminio)

Use this algaecide during your pool opening to get rid of any algae that may have grown in the off-season and also use this product during your pool closing to help prevent algae growth over the winter


Super Stain Remover

Prevents and removes stains, rust, and scale on pools.  Will also improve your heater efficiency.  



Traps particles (Carbonates: various minerals that can come from sedimentary rocks i.e. limestone, Silica: dust from concrete, rock, and brick; dead algae, and spore-like materials) in your pool and drops them down to the bottom so that the particles can be vacuumed.